Rui Esteves Porsche 911

A few weeks ago one of the most exciting, if not thee most exciting shoots for me took place. It was the type of shoot I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.

I’m known mostly for shooting cars on the Cape Town stance scene, but I have been holding back a bit when it comes to scene cars. My main focus these days are to shoot cars that are not on or familiar to the “scene”, but the rest of the beautiful builds driving around Cape Town while everyone else is distracted by the “usuals”.

Starting with this 1970’s Porsche 911 belonging to Rui Esteves. I have always dreamt of owning a Porsche and it’s one of my life goals to own one especially the earlier models. While most desire a Ferrari or Lamborghini there’s something about Porsche that just does it for me. I think its the fact that it’s such a raw and pure automotive brand. So when I came across this gorgeous 911 while browsing the Internet and finding out it was local I just had to see it in person and better yet get to shoot it. I searched up the owner, contacted him and arranged for a shoot. This was not that easy though as most of the time he resides in Berlin. Yet to my surprise he contacted me once he landed on local soil and I wasted no time in getting the shoot done before he could change his mind.

I have not yet nailed the whole writing aspect and I do apologize for lack of words.  Hopefully the pics make up for it so please enjoy.






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  1. Thats an amazing looking Porsche Achmat… stunning pics as usual too!. We share the same taste…. the early 60’s and 70’s Porsches do it for me too! Love the amber Hellas!

    1. boolseye says:

      Thank you Muderick. This car is flawless. Hopefully I get to shoot more cars of this period.

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