Alan Paterson’s Porsche 356

The most of us from time to time make a note of things that we would like to shoot, one of them on my list being a Porsche 356, I can scratch that one off.

Alan Paterson’s Porsche 356 is in fact a replica, a question posed by many, but the time and efforts that have gone into this build ensured that it would be as close to spec as what a factory built 356 would be.  It doesn’t bother me that it’s a replica; I am overwhelmed at the fact that I got to shoot such a fine and well executed build. Its attractive, eye catching and a definite head turner appreciated by all who have had the pleasure of seeing it, I have to say i enjoyed every shot of this car.

Alan and his 356 were such good company for the day,  I enjoyed chatting to Alan more than I did shooting the car , listening to how passionate and proud he is of his 356 made shooting it all the more exciting.

I would like to thank Alan for giving me the opportunity to shoot his beautiful Porsche and for being such an easy guy to speak to. If you would like to read up on how Alan and his Porsche have come to where they are you can find it on his website .

















10 Comments Add yours

  1. Brilliant as always Achmat!

  2. Christo says:

    Beautiful vehicle, excellently captured. Well done to owner and photographer – both artists.

    1. boolseye says:

      Thanks for the kind words

    1. boolseye says:

      Thanks a lot Mr Patrick

  3. sthrnstnce says:

    I love it 😁 nice location haha, well done bools

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